Animal Box Office collection Day 1

Ranbir Kapoor's highly anticipated crime thriller "Animal" takes the box office by storm with a record-breaking opening day collection.

Animal: A Crime Thriller That Grips the Nation

"Animal" is a gripping crime thriller that revolves around a gang of gangsters and their relentless pursuit of power.

Animal: A Day 1 Box Office Sensation

"Animal" shatters box office records with an estimated Day 1 collection of ₹ 55 cr-60 cr.

Ranbir Kapoor: The Star Power Behind Animal's Success

Ranbir Kapoor delivers a tour-de-force performance as the lead protagonist, captivating audiences with his raw intensity.

Animal: A Film Lauded by Critics

"Animal" garners critical acclaim for its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and slick direction.

Animal: Trending on Social Media

"Animal" generates immense buzz on social media, with fans praising the film's action sequences and captivating story.

Animal: A Box Office Trendsetter

Trade analysts predict that "Animal" will continue its strong run at the box office, setting new benchmarks for the industry.